Banya Grodno

Our guest house is equipped with the best banya Grodno.

Having a little bite, those wishing to get a portion of «light steam», can deviceopeBanya Grodno bath ovenn the door, and get into the «sea kingdom». The shower is finished with turquoise tile with representatives of sea flora and fauna on it, a casement ceiling is painted navy blue which makes you feel «like a duck to water». And the only thing «cold as the sea-bed» is not about us, because the shower floors also «heated».

Through the glass door of durable tempered glass, from the «sea kingdom» you will get in a warm «embrace» of a spacious and light golden-yellow steam room, with comfortable capacity up to 6 persons.

The best banya Grodno may offer

Steam comes out quickly to the desired temperature and keeps it at a minimum eBanya Grodno with birch switchesxpense of wood. The steam room is finished in a classical way with linden and alder. The unique characteristics of the bath oven, from Siberian manufacturer have allowed to do the impossible — to provide a choice of a Russian bath or of a Finnish sauna mode. The unique built-in steam generator and 120 kg of red-hot stones crimson quartzite, which has healing properties, produce a truly «easy» steam for real experts. And with our great system of Bath ventilation in a steam room, you will breathe only fresh and curative air, while cold and damp “used” air is pushed out by special channels every time you splash water on the rocks. Banya Grodno those wishing to receive a portion of fresh air at once from outside will appreciate a window which allows you to enjoy the sunset while sitting on a shelf in a steam room.

The complex is accepted in operation by «The State fire supervision». To ensure the highest level of fire safety, steam room is equipped with emergency «flooding» system, a fire hose and a digital temperature sensor with a display in the saloon which shows current temperature in the steam room. Independent smoke detectors are installed in each room.

Having got properly warmed and sweated, inveterate bath attendants can test themselves with ice water pouring device. Less courageous, can take advantage of multi-Satellite programs function shower and easy hydro massage.

Returning to other guests, heroes of a steam room can continue the banquet and enjoy watching satellite programs in HD on the TV with wide screen or enter the Internet using free Wi-Fi access, or …