SPA Grodno

SPA Grodno

In Spa Grodno locate infrared sauna, warm hot tub, massage chair, pool — all to get a refined rest for two.

In our daily life we ​​are used to hearing the word «spa», which has a broader meaning than the infrared sauna and swimming pool.  Let us ask about its origin.  There are several meanings of the term, however, is the dominant one in which this concept is an acronym for the combination of Latin words meaning «health through water».  Now it is considered the most accurate interpretation, since doctors in ancient times used as a hydrotherapy bath and sauna.  Many believe that this is the correct interpretation, as in ancient times, physicians have used in their treatment of the water is in the form of baths and bath.  That is, it is intended to contact a human body and water vapour with water itself.

So much for the theory.  But in practice, SPA Grodno, this room in the master’s house, which continues to the concept of open space with a sea of light and air.  In it are high-tech devices that provide a comfortable stay and allow to correct shaky in the daily hustle and bustle of health.  Let us examine them in more detail.

Infrared saunaSPA Grodno infrared sauna

First, a little theory.
Infrared sauna in the spa Grodno made ​​of lime lining, which  ceramic heaters, giving warmth that feels similar to those with whom you have encountered in childhood, basking in warm oven grandmother in the village.  This effect is achieved by using high-tech heating elements that heat up instantly and through the air environment penetrate into the human body through the skin, heating it from the inside.  The huge advantage of this technology is that while the air in the cabin of infrared sauna is not heated, so do not get too dry and does not burn the skin and mucous membranes of humans.
Because in conventional thermal procedures in conventional baths and saunas human body is heated indirectly, ie the heating elements or sauna wood furnace heated stones, which in turn warm the air and he, acting on the human skin, the body produces heat.  This is the ideal.  But in practice, in most cases, steam heated red-hot metal parts furnace.  Rigid infrared radiation from the red-hot metal burn human skin, causing redness and its overdriving.  At high temperature, chemical decomposition of dust and all that horrible red-hot metal.  The air too dry and dries mucous membranes.  People not yet had time to warm up, and has already received thermal burn.  About any deep warming we are not talking, just right to provide patient care.

The primary source of infrared energy in our world is the sun.  Without this type of radiation origin and existence of life would be impossible.  It has beneficial effects on the body, stimulates the important processes of life.  The same processes occur in the infrared sauna.  This proves that the impact is useful and absolutely safe.

How to accept the procedure.
Before the beginning of a session, you take a shower, so that dead skin cells, sweat and other unnecessary pollution did not prevent sweating.  Remove excess moisture with a towel and having a sitting position.  Session occurs at natural humidity and temperature 37-47 ° C. for half an hour.  The intensity of sweat in an infrared sauna is much higher than in traditional, whereas the conditions making the session more comfortable.

Our sauna is also equipped with colour therapy device.  Colour therapy (or chromo therapy), is a technology in which a lamp with a certain colour (emission spectrum) in a particular way affect the body and restore proper operation.  Prevention and treatment of stress, sleep, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and other diseases is a reality.  Not to mention the cosmetic effect.  Before a session, simply select the most suitable program for you colour therapy from the directory, enter the number on the screen and it will start automatically.

Spa Pool SPA Grodno hydro massage SPA pool

Grodno pool with hydro massage and multi-coloured lights.  The device is manufactured  in the US and is equipped with nozzles, lights and ozone treatment.  20 whirlpool jets as well as a powerful whirlpool pump allows for intensive therapy.  Anatomically positioned nozzles and automatic heater will provide the maximum effect of massage and relaxation in the comfort temperature of water, underwater LED lights with changing shades add magic tickling bubbles of air from special nozzles and ozoniser will provide crystal clear water and sterility.

To be alone, to spend a romantic evening or a party with friends?  Our hot tub spa in Grodno will give you this opportunity!  Bathing will give a restful sleep and improve well-being.  Moreover, it was proved that it ignites a passion that often fades away in the bustle of modern life.  Forget about stress and enjoy!  Our pool will help realize your fine imagination.

Massage chairSPA Grodno Baltic Shore massage chair

The massage chair is designed for maximum relaxation.  Armchair in performs three types of massage rubs and seven taps.  Anatomical backrest and comfortable trays legs will comfortably accommodate almost any man build.  The massage is performed in the automatic mode, alternating repetition massages all parts of the body is achieved by pressing a single button.
•  neck and shoulder massage by kneading, built-in rollers are moving in a circle, in turn changing the direction of the opposite
•  lumbar region is warming up rollers having the function of the circular motion clockwise and counter-clockwise
•  buttocks and thighs massaged by vibration and tapping with a few built-in Vibration massage
•  calves massaged built in trays leg rollers rotating in series and change the direction of rotation

To complete your stay, spa Grodno has in its equipment:SPA Grodno billiard pool
•  pool table for a game of American pool
•  TV with a diagonal of 51 «with a package of television ZALA
•  billiard table 8 feet to play American pool
•  WiFi access point
•  kitchenette with set of dishes, microwave, electric kettle and other necessary tools hostess
•  a cozy seating area for comfortable eating
•  Electrical appliances for maximum comfort
•  convenient parking
ATTENTION PLEASE!  Our complex does not provide services for spa treatments!  We offer visitors a room in which there are all the conditions for the adoption of these procedures YOURSELF.

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In Grodno Spa features an infrared sauna, spa pool, warm Jacuzzi, massage chair, pool and everything you need for a holiday only for two

SPA Grodno get exquisite holiday for two

Written by: The Baltic Coast Grodno

Date Published: 04/02/2015

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